Manufacturing and Industrial Purchasing Software: Automate Your Supply Chain and Procurement Process

penny provides manufacturing purchasing software to streamline your supply chain and simplify S2P and P2P processes.

How penny Software Works For Your Manufacturing Enterprise

Perform All Purchasing From One Platform

Designed to centralize all procurement activities, this platform consolidates supplier management, reverse auctions, and sales forecasts. Track all your purchase orders and invoice processing in real-time for enhanced visibility.

Streamline Operations

Automate routine tasks, ensuring faster, error-free S2P and P2P processes, leading to more efficient production cycles. This includes creating and approving contracts and analyzing vendor RFQ, RFP,  RFI, and proposals.

Manage Vendors With Ease

Use vendor management tools to automate contract management, source the best suppliers and raw materials, and streamline manufacturing orders.

Data-Driven Insights

The industrial procurement suite offers real-time analytics, facilitating data-driven decisions and refined procurement tactics. Discover new opportunities in your manufacturing procurement process.

Manufacturing Procurement Challenges

With penny software, manufacturing companies can mitigate these procurement challenges.

Manual Error

Product managers manually handling operations and processing documentation risk human error, resulting in procurement delays and inefficiencies.

Inefficient Production Planning

Without enhanced visibility, companies lack the information they need to plan ahead and maintain consistent production and optimized lead times.

Poor Supplier Management

It is often challenging to manage multiple supplier relationships, causing miscommunication and poor contract management.

Project Overspending

Without enhanced visibility, companies lack the information they need to plan ahead and maintain consistent production and optimized lead times.

Unified Platform for All Your Spends.

Our Features

Consolidating Procurement Tools for Manufacturing Companies

Reduce costs, manage inventory levels in real-time, and make informed decisions for your manufacturing business with an all-in-one procurement solution.

Key Features to Maximize Your Manufacturing Business 

Purchase Requisition (PR)

Use the drag-and-drop editor to effortlessly upload bulk items, create public catalogs, and generate and prioritize purchase requisitions. 

Catalog Management

Customize catalogs to your manufacturing procurement process, create categories and sub-categories, and assign different user roles.

Contract Management

Invite manufacturing vendors and suppliers to view and sign contracts in one click. Bulk upload contracts, and create customized vendor registration forms.    

Business Intelligence

Find real-time business intelligence tools to monitor KPIs, expenses, and budget limits from your procurement dashboard.

Multi-Currencies for Purchase Orders 

Manage purchase orders (POs) with global and local suppliers with ease. Select one of many supported currencies for every PO you process.

Manufacturing Businesses Benefiting from Our Procurement Software

Manufacturing businesses in every sector can leverage penny software to improve supply chain management and streamline purchasing processes:


Modern factories require agile procurement solutions. This industrial procurement platform ensures timely sourcing of materials thanks to S2P and P2P functionality.

Production Facilities

From raw material acquisition to final product assembly, you can streamline different procurement processes in production facilities for optimal output.

Storage Companies

Efficient inventory management is crucial for storage companies. Use these procurement tools to aid in space utilization and ensure quick stock turnover.

Automotive Manufacturers

In the fast-paced world of automotive manufacturing, penny software facilitates swift procurement, ensuring that production lines run smoothly and meet market demands.

Electronics Assembly Plants

Simplify the complex procurement needs of electronics assembly plants, ensuring timely sourcing of components and reducing production lags.

Textile Mills

From sourcing raw fibers to delivering finished fabrics, this industrial procurement software refines procurement operations in textile mills, resulting in quality and timely production.

Trusted by leading brands globally

Why Choose penny Software for Manufacturing Procurement

Create a Purchase Order With Ease

Gain complete control over purchase orders. Forecast vendor purchases, and leverage insights for accurate product or service types, quantities, and prices.

Simplify Product Planning 

Avoid excess inventory holding costs or stockouts through the intuitive order history function, and access real-time insights into stock levels, wastage, and purchase requisitions

Build Long-lasting Supplier Relationships

Manage supplier contracts, strategic sourcing, and performance evaluations to cultivate and maintain strong, long-lasting relationships with all your suppliers.

Leverage Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Integrate your supply chain with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools. Keep existing accounting systems, and connect them with QuickBooks, Oracle NetSuite, and ODOO. 

We help you unlock
better Sourcing and Spend Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturing procurement is the process of sourcing, acquiring, and managing the materials, components, and supplies needed for manufacturing operations.

Procurement involves the entire process of acquiring goods and services, while purchasing is a specific step within procurement, focused on buying products from suppliers.

Centralized purchasing in manufacturing procurement refers to a system, like penny software, that helps you source and buy materials on behalf of your entire organization, streamlining the procurement process.

Proper purchasing of manufacturing inventory is crucial to ensure a steady supply of materials, reduce costs, minimize production delays, and maintain product quality.

Manufacturing purchasing software, such as penny, streamlines procurement by automating tasks, improving supplier management, providing real-time data, and enhancing cost control, ultimately increasing efficiency and reducing errors in the procurement process.

Absolutely! penny software is designed to provide data-driven insights, allowing businesses to accurately forecast demand. By analyzing historical data and current market trends, this software aids in predicting future needs, ensuring that manufacturing processes are always aligned with market demands.

While there are several options available, the manufacturing purchasing suite by penny software stands out due to its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and ability to streamline and optimize the entire procurement process for manufacturing businesses.

​​Yes, this procurement software is designed to seamlessly integrate with most existing ERP systems. This guarantees seamless data integration between systems, minimizing manual entries and error potential.

Implementing our procurement software for manufacturing businesses is a streamlined process. It begins with a thorough assessment of your current procurement operations, followed by customization to fit your specific needs.

After setup and configuration, there’s a training phase for your team to ensure they can utilize the software to its full potential.

To start using this industrial procurement software for your business, fill out the contact form and schedule a demo to determine if the tool is the perfect fit for you. After understanding your specific needs, we’ll guide you through the setup and implementation process. 

Once installed, you’ll receive training and support to ensure you’re maximizing the benefits of our purchasing software for manufacturing.

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