Can E-Procurement Help Small Businesses Thrive?

Iyad Aldalooj

The golden rule of survival in any kind of business is to reduce costs and streamline the operation cycle. Hence, many business leaders are utilizing various forms of technology to achieve this objective. One of these tools is e-procurement, becoming quite popular in recent years.

Despite its widespread adoption, some are unsure of how e-procurement software can help small businesses thrive. This article will discuss how e-procurement and small businesses fit well together to create success and sustained growth. 


How E-procurement Helps Small Businesses Grow

If we were to list all the effects of an e-procurement platform on small businesses, it would be a long one indeed. But, for the sake of brevity, we’ll only focus on five elements. An e-procurement platform helps small businesses grow faster by resolving each of the following. 

1. Transparent Information Flow 

Small-sized companies regularly struggle with consistent growth in the short run. In the first couple of years, dozens or hundreds of employees join the founders to help move the company forward. That’s when a company’s procurement transparency becomes an issue since they don’t have the infrastructure and tools to help people in different departments communicate their various purchase requirements. 

This is where an e-procurement platform can seamlessly integrate all of those siloed data structures and allow the information to flow effortlessly throughout the organization. 

2. Saving Time 

In the beginning, small companies are focused on generating sales and growing the business, not operational support. With most of the staff working on sales, the business cannot afford to hire a big procurement support team. Instead, they can utilize an e-procurement system to automate the entire operation cycle and support procurement teams with ready-made reports and templates. 

3. Accessing Various Suppliers

Having access to various suppliers plays an essential role in saving money and time. E-procurement systems provide companies with a reliable supplier database, allowing small businesses to easily reach out to new suppliers and review their performance. This is a particular advantage for small businesses because usually, large corporations don’t have the flexibility to use this form of sourcing 

4. Cost Analysis 

Cost analysis is another part of the operation cycle able to be streamlined with e-procurement software that provides a report module. The solution will produce all the reliable data sources for the company to design their strategy. Cost analysis is critical for all small businesses where the cost of everything must be monitored and checked constantly. 

Bottom Line

When it comes to e-procurement and small businesses, each business and industry is different and comes with unique requirements. However, in most instances, businesses need a transparent flow of information and access to various suppliers. Moreover, it’s a requisite to monitor their resources and save as much as possible on time, money, and expertise.

Therefore, it appears e-procurement software can greatly benefit small businesses in the short and the long run. However, since things are constantly changing in today’s market, companies need flexible solutions to their procurement issues.Fortunately, we at Penny offer a wide range of solutions that can precisely fit your needs and budget. Please don’t hesitate to contact us as our team of experts is waiting and ready to find you the perfect e-procurement software.

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